Hello everyone,

First of all I want to say that I am sorry I was unable to write an article faster; but some things happened in my life that had a hard impact on me which I will try to explain here.

Last year in November I woke up one day with a swollen lymph node. I was scared a bit at first, but I did not think for a second it could be something major. Well after some medical trials and a surgery to remove it, in January 2017 I got the dreaded news, it tested positive for a form of cancer called non-hodgkin’s diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

As you can imagine it came as a very big shock for me, I am only 30, never smoked in my life and don’t consume alcohol at all so the news really hit me hard.

Without even time to analyze all the impact It will have in my life, I had to get started with chemotherapy as fast as possible. So after receiving the results in 3 days I had my first chemotherapy session.

The first 5 days are hard, but with the help of my family, my son, my colleagues and my workplace I soon found strength and an positive attitude that I need to fight this.

Doctors advised me to take medical leave for the entire period of treatment, especially in the winter time so I avoid any interaction with people that might be sick from the flue.

I was scared at first of this prospect, because I work in IT and know that this is an industry that is always changing and most enterprises with IT; doing a quick search on the internet I found articles like the one from Forbes on Amazon how they treat workers with cancer and IBM how a simple man can never talk to management without 1 million gate keepers; and even if these cases are not all true, you have to wonder why big firms like these are not in the Top 100 on Glassdoor.

So I took to my enterprise Visma IT & Communications (the IT backbone of services and infrastructure) for Visma Group the news that I am sick. To my surprise my immediate leader (Team Manager) informed the Department Manager and the news went to the Managing director Visma IT & Communications AS; which immediately said that they will do everything they can to help and support me in getting better as fast as possible.

I even remember a story from a fellow colleague from Norway, who told me that their country was not always that rich, a mere 50 year ago they were quite poor, but as soon as infrastructure and natural resources helped out the economy a lot, more and more normal people found themselves running big Enterprise firms so it is not uncommon to see that a CEO for a major firm is very “down to earth”, approachable and very polite with all employees no matter their position.

I was even more surprised to hear on a daily basis questions and cheers from Management and more support for my colleagues; I cannot explain how important is to get this kind of encouragement from people that you don’t expect to be so helpful and supportive. It is a absolute morale booster that get you thru the hardest days when you need only the support of other people.

They even made out a schedule for me when I am able to work from home when I can if I want to which made me feel very usefull and gave me purpose especially when I am confined to my house most of the time in this period.

So when you are next in search for a better IT job, look up also how that company treats human being as a person and not a commodity that can be discarded, you never know what the future holds.

All in all I have to say thank you family, thank you Visma for all the support you offered me, thanks to my colleagues for always being there for me, and for all who are sick or going thow a hard period, DON’T GIVE UP, always keep as many people as you can around you, and feel confident that you can pass everything  !

Good health for all !


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