Microsoft Docs — The new Documentation location

As system administrator, I am always on the lookout for new documentation/tutorials for finding problems to old and new problems alike.

Since I work with Microsoft products mostly, I always used Tech Net to find relevant information.

The problem with Tech Net is that it’s an old website based on an old technology with a bad organization of topics as well; it is simply a mess of articles left and right without any order to them.

Even Microsoft has the same opinions since in the past year they have undergone a major transition to Microsoft Docs a new unified technical documentation place.

Meet Microsoft Docs

As you can see in the picture above, Docs is a fairly well organized site that offers quite a lot of features.

You can quickly filter out the target audience either Developer, Hardware Developer or IT Pro and get relevant information about the products you need to find.

I especialy like the quality of life improvments and found them very ussefull right away:

The Download Documentation Button

The ability to download as .pdf file whole documentation for products: lets take for example Windows Server 2016

I found myself often using this feature, since having the full documentation locally as a file that I can browse at any time for relevant information it’s absolute gold. There is a download button at the bottom of the page, the only downside is that you need to be patient since the download will take a while to start.

Estimated Reading Time and Last Updated

A very simple feature, that is very useful. We all value our time, and make the most of it, so when I am commuting, or between meetings, or have a break I want to know exactly how much time I can spare to do some reading.

Comment Section

If you have ever used Tech Net forums you will appreciate this new change. For those of you that did not get to use Tech Net, let me tell you that it was an awful experience. If you wanted to post a question on a forum, you would need a Microsoft account, but that is not it (since it would have been to easy); you would need after that to find a Forum Thread for activating your account… yes a thread where you would type something like: “Please activate my account” and then wait for 1 day until some MS employee would manually activate your account in order to be able to post on their forums.

A roller-coaster ride 🙂 that in Docs is not changed and to be able to comment, you can simply log in using your existing Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft credentials, no more hassle.

Light / Dark Theme

This one is for my night reading. Always good to have when your using your tablet or laptop at night and want to be easy on the eyes.

Real-time Table of Contents Filter

Real-time filters that actually work this time around 🙂

User-friendly URLs

Readable URLs, instead of those /ased658849.aspx3

All in all I am really fond of the new Docs site and found myself using it more and more, so Microsoft is heading in the right direction with this one. I often find myself googling: docs followed by the search that I wanted just to get results from Docs instead from other sources.

Have a nice day and happy learning !

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