Support Center OneTrace

Starting with the newest version of System Center 1906, the default CMTrace Log viewer tool will be replaced by OneTrace, a new log viewer with Support Center.

With it comes a lot of new features and improvements. Here are just a few of them:

  • A tabbed view
  • Dockable windows
  • Improved search capabilities
  • Ability to enable filters without leaving the log view
  • Scrollbar hints to quickly identify clusters of errors
  • Fast log opening for large files
  • Configuration Manager client logs
  • Configuration Manager server logs
  • Status messages
  • Windows Update ETW log file on Windows 10
  • Windows Update log file on Windows 7 & Windows 8.1

Installing OneTrace

In order to get this new version, you will need to update your site server to current branch 1906, and then you can find the installer under:


If you cannot upgrade yet, here is a link of the new SupportCenterInstaller.msi for your convenience.

Using OneTrace

Tabbed View

The first thing that jumps out is the Tabbed view; meaning no more opening of several CMTrace.exe or having to use the Merge Selected Files in order to open more than 1 log.

Quick Filters

On the right panel, you will not have a Quick Filter option that works really well and will display results in real-time and enables filters without leaving the log view.

Dockable windows

All the windows are now dockable with an auto-hide feature. So you can customize the view to your liking.

Error Look-up

This is not a new feature but I always find it handy and mention it, you can select it from View > Error Lookup. It makes debugging very easy when you know that Error code 0x87D0070C stands for the maximum run-time issue.

Bookmark options

You can now set-up Bookmarks and navigate between them. The nice thing is that it sets also a small icon on the scroll bar to fast view of what you marked.

Properties Pannel

Each line can be selected and have an expanded view that is excellent for advance troubleshooting and quick statistics at a glance.

Connecting to Status Messages

OneTrace now also allows you to connect to your site-server directly and View Status Messages witch comes in handy if you’re not on the server and want to monitor something.

Other changes

There are a lot of other small changes for OneTrace like improved search capabilities and faster log opening for large files and support for more log types and this makes me happy to see that Microsoft took an approach in making a more unified and better logging tool; since 99% of the problems of a SCCM environment can be traced in logs and thus make troubleshooting much faster and easier for us.

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