Deploying and Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShel

Deploying and Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell

I got a book to review Deploying and Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell
For the ease of view I have split this review it into several different parts.
• Intro
• Target audience
• Book content
• Conclusion
I am a system administrator working with mainly Microsoft Products, and as such I keep an eye out for most IT blogs out there. When I say that a new book was released by Charlie Russel I immediately took the opportunity to review it.
For those who do not know who Charlie Russel is you can get more information about him here:
Needless to say he has been 12 years MVP at Microsoft and wrote a lot of books I used to start on my career to become a System Administrator.
Target audience
Who is this book for? Should I buy this book?
I will be straight here, this book absolutely requires you to have Medium Knowledge of AD (Active Directory) and Beginner knowledge of Powershell. (More on this in Book content)
This book is absolutely perfect if you started using PowerShell or plan to start using it and want to delve deep into managing AD using the command line.
Book Content
This whole book is a “do yourself” example. You should be aware that the book has no information regarding how to set up your environment and goes on the premises that you have the know-how to set your own virtual test laboratory and get working on the examples from the book.
Even when you get an information on the test laboratory it is never in-depth, so take that into account.
Like I said this book requires Medium knowledge in the field of AD (Active Directory), this is because the book is structured on a basic schema:

1. Task to do
2. Short Explanation of “Task” Role
3. Example doing the task using GUI (optional)
4. Example of doing the task using Powershell
5. Example of Powershell in a more “friendly” manner (basically same Powershell command/script written in a more readable way)
Thus it will never go into deep dives regarding AD or Powersheel, but instead it will give you a short information about it and what it goes on a global level and then gives you an example to follow.
The book is 257 pages long (short read), and it’s definitely a book to go throw by “trial by fire”; meaning that it’s best to get it on paperback or on your kindle/tablet and not on your PC, so you will not be tempted to just copy-paste the commands/scripts.
This is best because you want to have your Lab set-up and actually do and write all the Powershell commands and script there yourself. If you’re new to Powershell this will help you a lot, since it’s so unforgiving on the syntax used, you will get a lot of errors but throw that practice you will get the hang of it and become better proficient in it.
Thus I would recommend this book to anyone that is currently working with AD and wants to explore Powershell and leave the GUI behind.
I would have liked if the authors of books like this would actually include a tutorial on how to set-up your test environment, this would help a lot more people to go into books like this and try them.
3/5 starts.

You can buy the book from here


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