Browsing today throw my Feedly sources, i found a gem that is a Diamond in all it’s sense.

It is apply named: Clean Software Update Groups console extension for ConfigMgr 2012, and it’s the work of Nickolaj Andersen (one of the persons that have a huge contribution when it comes to SCCM) and it’s basically a script that enables a GUI contextual menu for ConfigMgr 2012 that gives you the possibility of cleaning software groups by 4 criteria:

  • Expired and Superseded (Remove content)
  • Expired and Superseded (Keep content)
  • Expired Only (Remove content)
  • Expired Only (Keep content)


In my opinion this should have been a feature built-in each version of ConfigMgr, but as all things Microsoft they have their own way.

All credits go to Nickolaj Andersen, you can find a detailed install log here:

And the TechNet article here:


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