In all my time spent working with SCCM, i have never found a more usefully TOOL add-on like NowMicro RCT (Right Click Tools). This is my number 1 tool that i install in any new SCCM environment that i will be spending time working on.

You can easily download it for free here:

Install instructions are pretty straight forward.

Once you have it installed comes the best part.

You will have another contextual menu embedded in Right Click action.

Here are some actions available for Collections:

Client Actions on Collection:

This comes extremely handy for that all to know Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle that needs to be done for almost any changes done via SCCM.

And having the possibility of doing it on a collection only makes everything go much faster.

Client Tools on Collection:

Quick example here:

Add Computers to Collection gives you the ability to add batch of files making it extremely easy to create a static collection for quick use.

Console Tools on Collection:

But wait it doesn’t stop here and you can also have multiple other contextual menus and actions for Applications, SU and others.

The scripts behind each action are very well executed and i can only thank Now Micro for making this a free tool.

Use it, trust me when i say it will greatly improve ease of use for many things.


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