With the transfer of Power-shell 5 from Preview to Release we now have an additional bag of goodies available from Microsoft.

PowerShell Team has released and developed a ton of open-source code. Many of our open-source projects started and have grown out in the open, like our DSC resources, PowerShell Script Analyzer, PowerShell Editor Services, and the PowerShell VS Code plugin. Others are existing open-source projects where we’ve started to contribute new code like OpenSSH, Pester, or PSReadline. However, until now, we have not open-sourced any core components of PowerShell that originally started as closed-source.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Microsoft.PowerShell.Archive, a module that shipped as a built-in component with PowerShell 5.0 on Windows 10 and with WMF 5.0, is now an open-source project on GitHub. Any work that we do on the Archive module we will do directly in its GitHub repository.

You can install the Archive with this simple command:

Install-Module -Force Microsoft.PowerShell.Archive


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