Hello fellow readers,

Hope you are all are ok and doing great.

It has been a nice ride alongside WordPress, but as all things it comes a time to try something new and switch up things. When I started SCCM Tips I wanted a place where people can find relevant information about Configuration Manager; following that road I wanted to write more about different things related to my system administrator job and certain “how to” and troubleshooting so that it may find its way to someone in need.

So I had a talk with a fellow colleague of mine and decided we should do a joint venture and try a new place, with this exact purpose in mind. To relate our sysadmin stories to you may they be related to Windows Server, Configuration Manager, Powershell, Software … etc.

That is why I want to share my future plans with all of you, so without further small talk here is what I have in plan with this publication:

We will have 2 new Publications:

View at Medium.com


View at Medium.com

iT-Crunch will be a easy reading blog with news all around from: what’s new in IT to Windows Software reviews, in hopes to appeal to a wider audience.

While The SysAdmin Zone will be a more in-depth blog with guides, tutorials and reviews of dedicated administration software.

This way we can provide the best of both worlds for our readers.

I hope to see there, we will strive to bring you quality content.


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