The “new” Surface Book with Performance Base

Ok, so this is odd… in a weird turn of events, Microsoft decided to drop the bomb on all Surface fans and release the new Surface line without any announcement; just like that out of the blue we have the new Surface Book.

I watched the movie 3 times before writing this story, because I was unsure if I am looking at the old surface or this is indeed the new Surface Book.

Sadly this is the “new” Surface Book

So, you might be asking yourself what is new ? What changed ?

The answer is sadly, not much.

Tech Spec Sheet

Lets disect these specs and see whats wrong here:

  • CPU: 6th Gen Intel Core processor.

Really Microsoft ? Are you kidding me ? Why the hell have you not upgraded the Surface Book with the 7th gen Intel processors ?

Microsoft rarely updates its Surface line, so for unknwn reasons I cannot understand why wouldnt they use the new line of Intel processors.

  • Unmatched graphics power.
Nvidia GTX 965M

By unmatched, they are referring to a Nvidia GTX 965M, again a older GPU from last year. I was expecting to get a new line 1050 GPU …

  • Ports.

Another joke… USB 3 , no USB Type-C …

  • New Keyboard, battery and thermal design.
Recessed Keyboard due to fan outake

The keyboard has been a bit redesigned and on a slight angle now to fir in the new thermal design for nVidia GeForce 965M.

It is recessed now in the base witch has received a bulk increase to fit those vents in.

New Outtake for GTX 965M
Bigger battery

The bigger battery seems to be the only good thing the new Surface line brings; Microsoft advertises +10 wh paired with new GPU to offer around 30% more battery life. My take on this is to wait for full reviews since Windows has never been good at battery management.

I have to call it, this is the worst “joke” of a update of a very good product.

I seriously was not expecting Microsoft to take the Surface line with such a ease that they didn’t innovate anything this year, not even a proper re-fresh of the line. This is very sad to see, that their signature line of products, the product that should define the new generation of laptops/convertibles hasn’t even received their own new processor line.

Microsoft, I am very disappointed.

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