A very nice post appeared on Microsoft Blogs, Tips for troubleshooting application deployment problems in ConfigMgr 2012.

This is very usefull for all system administrators that want to work with ConfigMgr and will have to handle application deployment.

Here on the Configuration Manager support team, the one topic that seems to generate the most support cases is application deployment. When we take a look at the typical problems with application deployment, they tend to fall into one of two categories: Application download failures and problems where application deployment compliance gets stuck at 0%. If you happen to run into either of these issues, here are some things you can try:

Application download failures

Application download failures includes problems where the client is stuck downloading an application, the client’s attempt to download the application failed, or the client gets stuck at 0% while downloading the application.

The first thing to check when you experience application download failures is for missing or misconfigured boundaries and boundary groups. For example, if the client is on the intranet and is not configured for Internet-only client management, the client’s network location must be in a configured boundary and there must be a boundary group assigned to this boundary for the client to be able to download content. For more information about boundaries and boundary group, see the following TechNet documentation:

Planning for Boundaries and Boundary Groups in Configuration Manager

Configuring Boundaries and Boundary Groups in Configuration Manager

If you can’t configure a boundary for a client, or if a specific boundary group cannot be a member of another boundary group, go to the Deployment Type properties and click the Content tab, then under Deployment options enable Download content from distribution point and run locally.

The other problem you may encounter with application download failures is that the content might not be distributed to the distribution points yet, which is why it is not available for the client to download. To verify this, use the in-console monitoring facilities to monitor content distribution to the distribution points. For additional information on monitoring content please see the following:

Configuration Manager 2012: Content Monitoring and Validation

Application deployment compliance is stuck at 0%

When compliance is 0%, check the deployment status for the application in the Monitoring workspace under the Deployments node.

  • If the deployment status is In Progress, the client could be stuck downloading content. See the section above regarding application download failures.
  • If the deployment status is Error, see the following article for more information on how to troubleshoot the problem:

Tips and Tricks: How to Take Action on Assets That Report a Failed Deployment in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

  • If the deployment status is Unknown, this usually means that the client has not received policy. Try to manually initiate client policy to see if the client now receives policy. For more information on this please see the following:

Initiate Policy Retrieval for a Configuration Manager Client

If this does not resolve the issue, check the client status for help in identifying the cause of the problem. For more information on this please see the following TechNet documentation:

Monitoring the Status of Client Computers in Configuration Manager

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